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flash4science is the great place to buy and to sell life science reagents, instruments and consumables. A lot of life science suppliers join us to present their selected saving offers for the labs: free samples, flash sales, flash coupons or long-term deals.

Are you ready to place the new order for laboratory reagents or instruments? Check flash4science saving offers before ordering. And explore our two new free online tools to get the product you need for the price you want, keep an eye on lab saving offers in your country:


GET Lab Savings

Our new GET Lab Savings tool will help to save your time and money, as we are going to organize the discount you need for the product you want! Fill in the short form with your needs, and we will get the best prices from your life science vendor. You can ask for multiple discounts from several different suppliers at once. Save time, let us save your money.

FIND Lab Savings

FIND Lab Savings tool by flash4science provides a comprehensive scan of the best saving offers from leading life science suppliers as well as from rising biotech vendors. With FIND Lab Savings discount scanner you will not miss out on the latest information about the best lab saving options.


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Within a single order, in a few clicks buy up to 50% discounted products/services as well as order multiple free samples or free discount coupons from various vendors partnering with flash4science. Login or register, to see all offers and prices in your country. All products will be shipped directly by your supplier within a few days.

Is there something missing for your workflow? Invite your supplier to join us.

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