flash4science celebrates one year of bringing the best saving offers from life science suppliers into every lab in Germany, UK and the US.

Our birthday party was ending with the lottery drawing. Every newly registered scientist as well as every newsletter subscriber participated in the lottery of the Weber Grill as a main prize.


We are happy to announce that the prize is going to the BIO-NET LEIPZIG in Germany. Congratulations to the winner of the flash4science lottery Dr. Randy Kurz, Tech Transfer Officer from BIO-NET LEIPZIG.

The BIO-NET LEIPZIG Technology Transfer Agency is your key contact for the BIO CITY LEIPZIG and all the issues of life sciences in Leipzig. The BIO CITY LEIPZIG is one of the most modern centers for biotechnology and biomedicine in Germany. The innovation incubator specially provides start-ups and new companies with individual laboratory and office facilities with the most modern equipment. info@bio-city-leipzig.de is the right contact to remember for life science start-ups.


Thank you all for joining flash4science scientists’ community or for becoming a member of our partners' network!

The chances to win are not over with the lottery drawing. Register or subscribe to our newsletter to win more opportunities for your research every day:

  • saved time due to consolidated ordering of samples or products
  • 50% savings on science supplies
  • free exclusive samples/demos and discount coupons
  • all products shipped and serviced by your supplier

New offers of high quality products for different life science applications are introduced at flash4science every week:

  • flash sales – weekly offers of discounted products, valid for two weeks
  • flash coupons – weekly offers of discount coupons, valid for two weeks
  • flash samples – weekly offers of exclusive samples/demos, valid for two weeks
  • long-term deals – multi-supplier shop with monthly arrivals, offers valid for 4 weeks

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