Science is not something you do for your research group or for your laboratory. Science drives the progress of humanity, and it is supposed to be shared. That is why you publish your research results; and that is why you collaborate with other scientists and share your knowledge with the world.

flash4science encourages sharing the science. There are many ways to do it. Don’t keep your discoveries locked. If you find interesting information or a product which you do not need for now, share it with others. The good news has to be spread among the scientific community. Maybe you see a great discount for a good research tool and know that somebody might be happy to use it. Why not to take a minute to inform your colleague about an interesting offer?

Ordered something from outlet, free samples, free discount coupons or flash sales, and were satisfied with the product? Inform your colleagues about this opportunity to save the research budget and time and to discover new products every week.

Do not see offers of your favorite life science supplier at flash4science? It is again a matter of sharing! Just invite your supplier to join flash4science and your lab will enjoy great saving deals with up to 50% discounts.

There are many ways to share the science, discover them, use them all and enjoy.  

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Image  by Nicolas Raymond  / CC BY 2.0

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