Scientists decide what they want to see in flash4science portfolio and can drive the sale in life science. If you use a lot of Taq DNA Polymerase from a company A, many DNA Ladders from a company B and hundreds of NA Purification Kits from a company C, you will definitely be happy to get them all from different vendors for 50% less within a single order.

flash4science is there to make your laboratory purchasing processes easy and fast as well as to save up to 50% of your research budget.

Make your budget spending more cost-effective, invite your supplier to join us;  and we will organize the best deals for your lab!

Order at flash4science and benefit every day without changing your habits:

  • Products are shipped directly by the life science supplier.
  • Customer support and technical service for scientists are provided without mediation - by your supplier directly.
  • Every life science brand may potentially offer saving deals via flash4science.
  • There are many lab tools available for free at flash4science! You can order multiple flash samples from different suppliers in a single order or take your free flash coupon that your lab can use to buy discounted products from the supplier directly.
  • Take your free version of Market Analysis-Buying Guide for High Fidelity PCR
  • Use  free online tool FIND Lab Savings to see all saving offers by variety of life science suppliers in one place
  • Explore free online tool GET Lab Savings to get the price you want for the product you need
  • flash4science life science product portfolio and application coverage are dynamic and unlimited.

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