Screen life science market in minutes, not weeks

Detailed life science market analyses became affordable for any budget. All of you can make a use of our unique, economical, compact and practical life science market reports:

 Are you a university purchaser looking for an optimal price?

Laboratory leaders and university purchasers use them as the most practical buying guides; compare features and prices of different reagents, use hyperlinks to order directly from the excel sheet.

Are you life science marketing and sales professional?

The reports in excel format are excellent basic tools for life science marketing needs, helping to monitor market trends and competitors, to analyze different product positioning.

Our market analyses are irreplaceable for your sales force. They allow to easy compare and update prices in three main NA and Europe markets and to define your own optimal pricing.

Are you a scientist looking for a best reagent for your research project?

Scientists involved in research and development find flash4science market reports especially useful for new projects and product development. Provided product hyperlinks allow for fast ordering or for an immediate access to more information. Our short summaries give an overview in minutes instead of weeks you would spend to gather the information on your own.

Choose your version and go on. Save time, money and get a great overview in minutes instead of weeks:

Market Analysis of in vitro Transfection Reagents for DNA, RNA and protein delivery

Market Analysis High Fidelity PCR, GC rich, Long PCR Enzymes and Master Mixes

Registered f4s customers in UK, USA, Germany can order online by choosing the Market Analysis from a section of Life Science Market Reports in applications.

Customers in all other countries and unregistered flash4science users, please order via email at -

The purchased file will be available for an immediate download in your user account at flash4science (Login / My account/ My instant downloads).


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