flash4science helps to shape your laboratory supplies. Save time, effort and money and get more opportunities for science within the same budget. Many suppliers - but just a single order to process, one invoice to pay.

As easy as that:

Login or register, to see offers and prices in your country. Choose the products (flash sales, flash coupons, flash samples) that you need, add them into your basket. You have two options to share it with your supervisor:

  • The option to Save shopping cart to share a link via email
  • The option to Print a Fax Form and bring it to the responsible person

After receiving the information your purchaser can order directly online or:

  • call us during usual European working hours at +49 7250 33 13 402
  • send a fax with your printed cart at +49 7250 33 11 413
  • send an email with the order (share a shopping cart with us) at orders@flash4science.com

With flash4science you can shape your purchasing process to a faster and easier one!

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Image  by Tambako The Jaguar  / CC BY-ND 2.0

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