flash4science supports initiatives that contribute to "uniting biotech". One of the recent amazing projects worth spreading is the LABIOTECHMAP. It has been introduced a couple of months ago by a young team of biotechnology professionals lead by Joachim Eeckhout and Philip Hemme from Labiotech.

The guys seem to have a long lasting affair with biotech; and this passion is noticeable right from the first clicks on Labiotech.eu homepage, their first website which presents biotechnology news in Europe.

An elegant, focused and smart LABIOTECHMAP is the handy database of biotechnology companies, all sorted and spotted on the map. It is an innovative way to navigate in the world of European biotech. The mapping has recently started, and it is on the way to become a complete picture of biotechnology.

Created in a modern and smart way, the database provides a unique user experience and an easy surfing in the ocean of European biotechnology companies. It is well sorted and leads you to results faster than any search engine you used before. Weekly updated, the database presents the “live stream” of the biotechnology in Europe.

“Instead of gathering the universe of Biotech companies, we offer you a pre-selected galaxy”, say the creators Joachim Eeckhout and Philip Hemme, both investing a lot of time and energy in the development of the database.

The map-database is easy to navigate, equipped with appropriate filters to specify the search criteria for the highest precision. And it is free to use for everyone. Everybody can participate in creating and updating the biotech map, the Labiotech team is open to all proposals coming from the biotech community via their feedback page.

Use LABIOTECHMAP, enjoy, share and help to make it even more useful and comprehensive navigation tool for biotech.


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