Too small research budget is one of the most limiting factors in life science research. flash4science streamlines your lab savings and brings numerous life science special offers into one place. You save your time, we save your money.

flash4science became the most convenient place to sell and to buy life science reagents, instruments and consumables. A lot of life science suppliers and scientists have joined us in creating the unique life science marketplace that provides weekly saving offers for the labs: free samples, flash sales, flash coupons, long-term deals. Products, samples and discount coupons from variety of biotech vendors can be obtained here in a single order with one invoice.

Login or register, to see all offers and prices in your country. All products will be shipped directly by your supplier within a few days:

Is there something missing for your workflow? Invite your supplier to join us.

Your wanted deal is not available in your country? Contact us and we will do our best to get it for you.

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Image  by Chris Potter  / CC BY 2.0

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