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PCR and isothermal amplification compete in a variety of applications in terms of sensitivity and speed. Though PCR/qPCR is an excellent choice for pathogen detection, loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) together with other methods of isothermal DNA amplification frequently provide same or more sensitive, as well as faster and more economical alternative for pathogen detection.

Isothermal amplification techniques such as LAMP or RCA (rolling cycle amplification) with a speed of 5-10 minutes are much faster than PCR and they do not require temperature changes, thus no PCR cyclers. The isothermal reaction is so efficient that amplification products can be seen even by eye. The simplicity of isothermal amplification makes LAMP a method of choice for rapid detection of various pathogens with levels of sensitivity and specificity approaching those of complex and expensive methods.

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LAMP is great for rapid diagnosis

One of the best and the economical methods for diagnosis and whole genome amplification LAMP will revolutionize the field of medical diagnosis. I feel flash 4 science (optigene) are doing a great job by making these available for use for everyone.

Vinaykumar Hallur - 6 April 2017

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