That’s it, the year is over. New Year – new plans, new goals and expectations!

Dear Scientists,

All of us join in wishing you a prosperous New Year!

For a new year you wish to do more and to do it better to reach new goals? How can you improve your performance in the lab and be more successful in your experiments?

flash4science is a perfect tool that meets your new year's challenges! It is a new way to supply your lab with the best products and services from multiple biotech suppliers, to discover new products and opportunities for your science. It’s easier, faster and costs less.

1 min and you are in!

With flash4science you can shape your purchasing process to a faster and easier one:

  • flash4science represents multiple vendors; new and well-known brands  
  • you order from multiple suppliers, but it’s just one order to process and a single invoice to pay
  • we have the best offers all year long, it saves the time you used for price research
  • you can get your order confirmed by your supervisor while sitting at your desk: just put products/samples/coupons into your basket, and share it with your supervisor or purchasing department via email. They can order either directly online or via phone, email or fax.

Less time, effort and money for purchasing, more opportunities, success, focus for life science!

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Image  by Johannes Rössel  / CC BY 3.0


I know someone who supplies various proteins for research and want to know where to send the info.

Not made up yet

Frank Summerfield - 5 January 2015

partnership with flash4science

If you would like to sell your products via flash4science, please contact us:
- during usual European working hours at +49 7250 33 13 402
- or write us an email at
Thank you!

flash4science - 13 January 2015

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