The right choice of the enzyme or master mix for PCR  or qPCR reaction has a big influence on your PCR yields, fidelity and specificity. How do you choose enzymes and kits for PCR? What matters most? Is it the popularity of the life science supplier's brand, comprehensive quality control parameters, nice pictures showing always better PCR performance, higher yields and lower background compared to others?

Let us speak about standard Taq DNA Polymerase. Today almost all companies that sell this classical enzyme manage to purify it to perfection, to add optimal enhancers into the reaction buffer and to achieve the best possible performance. A company A shows pictures where their Taq DNA Polymerase or master mix outperforms the product from company B; and the company B presents opposite results. This is the Taq War, well described in early 2000s that seems to be never ending for suppliers and beneficial for scientists who can all have high quality enzyme for much lower price than a couple of years ago.

Scientists, our customers are the true winners of the Taq Wars!

What drives scientist’ decision now to choose one good Taq DNA Polymerase against another? Is it a pleasant personal relationship with a nice sales representative? No doubt it plays a huge role in laboratory reagent supplies.

Is the price that each reaction costs still important? Taq Polymerase prices went so much down that they cannot matter anymore.

What about added convenience like for example dNTPs included in the buffer?  What about simply ordering different enzyme samples and comparing performance yourself?

Decide what matters for you, win all wars that life science market players fight.

flash4science assists in discovering new opportunities, more products for qPCR, PCR or for DNA purification after the PCR and helps building new long term relationships with old and young life science brands.

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Image  by David Stanley  / CC BY 2.0

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