Time to automate protein expression and purification

Do you daily work with tens of DNA or protein samples? Isn’t it time to let the instrument do the job? It costs less than you think and it pays off rapidly by saving your time and delivering high quality protein samples or DNA and RNA extracts.

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Launched a couple of year ago, Bioneer's ExiProgen™ Automated Protein Expression & Purification Instrument is the world’s first fully automated system for synthesis of functional proteins or enzymes, biosimilars or therapeutic antibodies.

The system can be used for various purposes in molecular and synthetic biology. Made versatile; it can also be applied for purification of nucleic acids from tissues, blood, bacteria and other samples.













ExiProgen™ Automated Protein Expression & Purification System provides you with a complete solution for the whole experimental workflow from RNA extraction, DNA isolation to protein expression and purification.


Synthesizing and purifying 16 protein samples in a single run the machine saves not only your time-on-hands, but also delivers high quality proteins suitable for all most demanding subsequent proteomics applications. Up to 100 µg of each protein of >90% purity is ready in about 6 hours.

As simple as that: DNA in, protein out. Add plasmid DNA or linear DNA in to the system. Proteins will be synthesized in E.coli extracts and purified using His-tag affinity tags. Join the community of happy scientists using ExiProgen™ Automated Protein Expression & Purification System for years.

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