Time to switch to an automated DNA and RNA extraction

If you daily work with tens of DNA extractions or His-tagged protein purifications, you will be happy to get a help. Let the instrument do the job. It will pay off by saving your precious time and money and by consistently delivering high-quality DNA and RNA preps or pure protein samples.

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ExiPrep™ 16 Plus laboratory automation system from BIONEER became a popular tool in many universities, clinical laboratories, public health offices and food laboratories worldwide.

ExiPrep™ 16 Plus multifunctional laboratory system has been designed for an extraction of nucleic acids from a variety of biological samples and for purification of His-tagged recombinant proteins. The instrument purifies 16 samples in a single run from various materials such as tissue, cell culture, whole blood, serum, plasma, swab, bacteria, yeast, etc.

With different optimized built-in extraction protocols, an intuitive touch screen, the walk-away automation function, the UV sterilization cycle, a unique anti-contamination shield and a combined heating-magnetic block the instrument guarantees reproducible high-quality results with minimum hands-on time.

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Optimized protocols

Over 900 optimized protocols for nucleic acid extraction and protein purification. The software can also be upgraded so you can stay up-to-date with the best performing protocols.

Easy-to-use interface

The responsive 3.5-inch touchscreen enables simple instrument operation. The touchscreen gives real-time feedback on the progress of the extraction.

Automated UV sterilization

The ExiPrep™ 16 Plus has a powerful UV sterilization lamp that enables the user to sterilize the instrument chamber before and/or after every nucleic acid extraction or protein purification run.

Contamination prevention shield

Any time the pipette tips are moving, the contamination shield will slide under the tips, therefore eliminating the possibility of intra-assay cross-contamination.

Combined magnetic/heating block
The combination of bead magnetization and sample heating reduces experiment time and increases elution efficiency, resulting in increased sample yield.

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