Unique offer for membrane protein expression from CellFree Sciences

As of tomorrow, the 8th of March the Japanese expert in outstanding cell-free protein expression solutions - the CellFree Sciences will offer an unbeatable deal at flash4science. Exclusive offer will be valid in Germany, UK and the US for a limited time.

Register today, to save 40% on New ProteoLiposome BD Expression Kit designed for membrane protein expression for direct formation of proteoliposomes.

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About CellFree Sciences

Accelerating Protein Research

  • Protein Expression Reagents and Kits
  • Automated Protein Synthesizers
  • Protein Expression Services

CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd. (CFS) provides comprehensive solutions for protein production and analysis using the ENDEXT® Technology Platform originally developed by Prof. Yaeta Endo and colleagues at Ehime University in Japan. Based on our different “WEPRO” wheat germ protein expression extracts, we are serving the research community with protein synthesis reagents, the fully automated Protemist® protein synthesizers, and customized protein expression services.

Our protein expression systems are proven to work for a wide range of different proteins providing superior protein solubility and yields under controlled conditions starting directly from cDNA templates. Many thousands of different proteins from microorganisms to mammalians have been successfully produced by our technology for basic research and for studies on crystallography, NMR, mass spectroscopy, membrane proteins, protein engineering, antigen production, protein-ligand screens, vaccine development, development of antigen tests, and protein-protein interaction screening.

CFS is an active partner working closely together with Academic Research Centers and Life Science Companies on joint R&D projects for protein analysis, high-throughput compound screening, and assay development, or using our new human Protein Active Arrays (PAA) for biomarker discovery and autoantibody profiling. With the platform technologies, CFS wants to contribute to the understanding of life at a molecular level by serving the research community, while supporting life science industries on the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products.

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