United life science web shop – long-term deals at flash4science

flash4science is introducing long-term deals - the united web shop of life science reagents and instruments where all suppliers can potentially present their offers for scientists in UK, Germany and the US.

New long-term deals are introduced every Tuesday and are valid at least for four weeks what provides research laboratories with the possibility to enjoy our partners’ discounts all year round without the time pressure.

First long-term deals arrivals in September:

  • Bioline - with up to 35% off for PCR bestsellers.
  • PS Biotech - with a range of unique polymer-release microorganism cultivation plates that are used to optimize microbial fermentation processes

Start the end-year research budget spending by improving your laboratory purchasing processes, join flash4science. Save time, effort and money and get more opportunities for science within the same budget.

Many suppliers - but just a single order to process, one invoice to pay.

As easy as that:

Login or register, to see offers and prices in your country. Choose the products (long-term deals, flash sales, free discount coupons, free samples) that you need, add them into your basket. You have two options to share it with your supervisor:

  • The option to Save shopping cart to share a link via email
  • The option to Print a Fax Form and bring it to the responsible person

After receiving the information your purchaser can order directly online or:

  • call us during usual European working hours at +49 7250 33 13 402
  • send a fax with your printed cart at +49 7250 33 11 413
  • send an email with the order (share a shopping cart with us) at orders@flash4science.com

Supplier gets your order immediately and contacts you to inform about the shipment. Products are shipped directly by the life science supplier in each country within a few working days. Customer support and technical service for scientists is provided by your supplier directly.

Let us all unite biotech for more opportunities in life science, for unlimited success in research, for better science and healthier future.

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