Uniting forces for life science end-of-year sale

We invite all scientists and all life science suppliers worldwide to join flash4science to create the best one-stop-shop streaming the most convenient end-of-year sale 2015 for research laboratories in the US, UK and Germany! Let us all start now, and enjoy the ultimate year end sale soon.

uniting biotech - flash4science unites life science brands and connect researchers with suppliers

flash4science is the unique life science flash sale web shop created to simplify the purchasing process of scientists. Purchase products, order free samples from a variety of biotech suppliers; all in one place at best prices in live deals.

Our partners, life science suppliers offer their products with high discounts in limited amounts; and scientists profit from new saving or sampling offers every week:

  • flash sales - life science saving deals offered for two weeks
  • flash samples - exclusive samples from different suppliers offered free of charge
  • flash coupons - free coupons to order products from the supplier with greatest discount
  • outlet - long term sale of attractively priced products from multiple vendors

flash4science Customers - Scientists

  • Save time and effort - multiple suppliers within a single order, one invoice
  • Get more possibilities for science - budget limitations gone
  • Focus on science, not on purchasing

Upgrade your purchasing processes to smart & effortless with flash4science!

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Invite your supplier to join us and we will organize the best deals for your lab.

flash4science Partners – Life science Suppliers

  • Explore unique sales and marketing opportunity
  • Participate in optimizing process of life science supplies

Partnership with flash4science is free and beneficial! Email us today at partners@flash4science.com


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