Visualize the invisible? It’s a laboratory routine!

Performing the PCR, cloning, sequencing, transforming, transfecting, and expressing proteins – have you ever realized that it is all about visualizing the invisible. That’s what scientists do every day in their labs. Amazing, isn’t it?

One puts literally a few drops of different liquids into the plastic vial and amplifies the DNA or synthesizes cDNA from an invisible amount of a sample material. Then one sees some colored band on the agarose gel, cuts it out, isolates the DNA, puts it into the vial with other liquids like a vector and a ligase and transforms or transfects to visualize proteins produced in the live bacterial or eukaryotic cell.

Science is full of wonders and scientists are magicians having a very rich imagination and an amazing talent to visualize the invisible. flash4science respects and admires you! Our partners have selected their best tools for a good price to support your daily laboratory magics:

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Image  by Alexandra  / Creative Commons CC0

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