Microarrays remain a tremendously popular research tool as they enable capturing expression levels of all genes. Being cost-efficient, providing reproducible results and allowing for a fast data analysis, microarrays are the first choice products for many gene expression projects.

flash4science presents 20% discount deals for gene expression analysis services and for the novel technology microarrays by OakLabs:

ArrayXS microarrays for gene expression analysis, developed by OakLabs using their proprietary MyArray strategy, are all based on the latest sequence data of the species, and stay in the front line of the newest achievements in the field. Compared to standard microarrays, ArrayXS provide the superior sensitivity and a more accurate detection of low abundance transcripts. Agilent microarrays are known for fast data acquisition and straight-forward analysis as well as a wide dynamic range. The MyArray technology applied by OakLabs maximizes the performance of microarrays through experimental validation, providing the best signal quality for each gene for unparalleled sensitivity, consistency and reproducibility.















ArrayXS Human microarrays, representing 43,061 coding, and 16,230 non-coding genes, are known for their superior sensitivity and the best value for money.  The unique process of the microarray development and comparison results make ArrayXS Human a trustworthy tool for gene expression analysis.

ArrayXS Mouse microarray is designed for the highest sensitivity of mouse gene expression analysis and represents 60,037 coding genes (19,191 genes of NM category and 26,938 predicted genes of XM category) and 16,230 non-coding genes (3,719 genes of NR category and 10,189 predicted genes of XR category). The extended dynamic range over 5 logs and proven validation strategy allow for detecting tiny biological changes with the highest confidence.

ArrayXS Zebrafish is the newest zebrafish gene expression analysis approach, developed on the basis of the latest genome assembly Zv9. Providing unparalleled quality; it is also more cost-efficient and extremely flexible. ArrayXS Zebrafish qualitatively represents the biggest gene pool of more than 48,000 coding genes and 5,000 non-coding genes of Danio rerio. The Gene Finder by OakLabs assists you in finding out more about specific gene sequences on the ArrayXS microarrays.


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