One year of uniting biotech for the best of science - we celebrate, science wins.

flash4science celebrates one year of uniting biotech suppliers and scientists in Germany, UK and the US. Thank you for joining flash4science scientists’ community and our partners' network!

The birthday party started at Biotechnica in Hannover and goes on for one more week!


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All newsletter subscribers and new registered customers participate in our birthday present lottery and have a chance to win a Weber Grill for joyful moments with lab mates. The drawing takes place on Monday, the 2nd of November.


With flash4science the easy and economical purchasing process and significant budget savings eliminate all limits of life science:

  • united offers from leading & rising life science brands


Featured this week by Bioline saving offers for cDNA synthesis kits, DNA Ladders, Nucleic Acid isolation Kits, and Competent cells.


  • saved time due to consolidated ordering of samples or products
  • >50% savings on science supplies
  • free exclusive samples/demos and discount coupons
  • all products shipped and serviced by your supplier

Our offers:

  • flash sales - saving offers from many life science suppliers
  • flash coupons - free discount coupons offered by different life science vendors
  • flash samples - free exclusive samples/demos from various biotech suppliers
  • long-term deals - multi-supplier life science web shop with best pricing

flash4science shapes your laboratory supplies. Save time, effort and money and get more opportunities for science within the same budget.

Saving offers from many suppliers, but just a single order to process, one invoice to pay.


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Image  by Giacomo Carena  / CC BY-ND 2.0

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