What drives science? Are scientists driven by the same forces?

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What drives science in its quest for new insights into the laws of nature? The answer may not be straightforward, but one thing is beyond doubt: Whatever drives science forward is not necessarily what motivates scientists in their work. When the scientist is asked what drives science forward the answer is often: curiosity. But curiosity, the desire to understand for its own sake, is only one motivation among several, and not necessarily the most widespread one. Other reasons mentioned by science historians are the desire to enjoy oneself, the need to earn a living, the desire for reputation, the desire to serve humanity. http://www.worldcivilizations.info/essay.pdf

One of the most important precepts about human behavior and change is that at the most basic level; there are two forces that motivate people to do what they do: the desire to avoid pain or the desire to gain pleasure. Anthony Robbins, "The Power of Leverage"

Image  by Adam Thomas  / CC BY 2.0

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