What is your lab's way to take care of nature?

There are for sure many ways you take care of nature every day. But let us check your lab's routine; what else can be done here to reduce the environmental impact.

You hate using ethidium bromide? Then stop it. Safer alternatives are not so good or too expensive, you think? There is one, sensitive and nature-friendly DNA stain that will change your mind.

GeneDireX says: “Genuine love for the earth starts from here” and offers the Novel Juice DNA stain with 30% discount for US customers. High sensitivity, fast and easy use, low environmental impact.

Free your lab from ethidium bromide today.

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You are not the US customer, but want to try Novel Juice DNA stain? Contact us at info@flash4science.com.


Image  by Sascha Kohlmann  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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