What makes the difference? Hot Start? What else?

It is a week of making the difference at flash4science. That’s what the products of the week will do for your research.

The PCR with the good hot-start enzyme makes a difference, you know it better than we! You see what you normally don’t see with usual PCR enzyme and you have much more clear picture without the background. But only if the hot-start does what it promises...

This week in the offer (50% off in all countries!) - excellent hot start tools enabling to see the difference that you need: PCRBIO HS Taq Mix and PCRBIO HS Red Taq Mix Red from PCR Biosystems.

Take DNA Ladders and a Novel Juice non-toxic DNA stain from GeneDireX (30% off in US) to make a difference in your gel visualization and to discover the world without the ethidium bromide.

In case you do blunt-end cloning, try the HighEnd™ Repair Kit from highQu (20% off in all countries) for a fast and easy blunting and phosphorylation.

For those who love cell culture more than PCR – last week in the offer (50% off in US) the magic self-healing hydrogel PGmatrix from PepGel for 3D cell cultures. That’s the real difference between the past and the future of cellomics.

And much more offers making the difference at flash4science…

Image  by khucgiagia  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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