What’s common between dNTPs, Taq Polymerase and DNA Ladders?

Right! The PCR. But not only that. Having those three and a couple of other reagents you can do a lot. PCR is frequently just a start for cloning, mutagenesis, protein expression and recombinant protein purification as well as for numerous other research areas. That’s why this start stage is extremely important.

High quality dNTPs combined with well-performing Hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase guaranty successful PCR. At flash4science you get free samples and up to 50% discount for products for PCR from different suppliers.

You could actually make DNA ladder on your own via PCR or restriction digestion, but nobody does, as there is a variety of good ladders that you can buy. But not all of them are ready-to-use and not many of them are stable enough to be stored at room temperature. Take 25% ladder discount coupon for room temperature stable ready-to-use DNA Ladders.

Succeeded with PCR and cloning? Now you are at the stage of purification of your expressed protein? Try the best in class chromatography resins for free to choose the one that fits your protein needs.

Something missing for your workflow? Invite your supplier to join us and we will organize the best deals for your lab.


Image  by fdecomite  / CC BY 2.0

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