The wide spread opinion that we only use 10% of our brain capacity seems to be a myth. It is likely that all 100% of our brain is explored. But still, we know and believe that human imagination and ideas are unlimited. So what is then limiting science? It must be only time and money.

flash4science can bring the research a step forward. Time and money are exactly what you save with us to explore your unlimited ideas. With great saving offers of flash4science partners all laboratories can save up to 50% of their research budget, and buy the reagents that have been unaffordable before. Within a single order you get products or free samples from multiple suppliers, what saves a significant amount of time.

We present new offers of life science products, services and free samples of molecular biology reagents every week. This week don’t miss:

  • New generation human and mouse microarrays and gene expression analysis services with 20% discount from OakLabs (US, UK, Germany)
  • Perfectly made columns for protein or NA purification from emp BIOTECH (German offer)
  • Outstanding enzymes and master mixes for PCR with 50% discount from PCR Biosystems (US, UK, Germany)
  • Brilliant protein ladders from GeneDireX with 30% discount (US offer)
  • Highly sensitive bio imager with 20% discount from FroggaBio (US offer)
  • High quality molecular biology reagents with 20% discount from highQu (US, UK, Germany)

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Image  by Lauro Roger McAllister  / CC BY 2.0

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