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flash4science became the best place to buy and to sell life science reagents, instruments and consumables. A lot of life science suppliers and scientists have joined us last year. We believe many more will do this in 2016. Literally any supplier may present saving deals at flash4science, and every scientist in UK, Germany and the USA can save up to 50% of the research budget and a lot of precious time with consolidated ordering via flash4science.

Free samples and free discount coupons can even be ordered without asking your supervisor. After a few clicks wanted free samples arrive into your lab directly from your supplier.

flash4science guaranties the most economical and stress-free reagent purchasing or free sample requests with all advantages of consolidated ordering.

up to 50% savings or 100% free samples this week:

  • PCR enzymes and master mixes from PCR Biosystems - success in the most challenging PCR applications on both common and fast cyclers (UK, US, Germany offers)
  • Molecular cloning, DNA and Protein Electrophoresis with highQu premium reagents (UK, US, Germany offers)
  • NA purification and qPCR with the innovative BIOONEER tools (Germany offers)
  • Dialysis and Buffer Exchange kits by GeBa (Germany offers)

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