Research projects are frequently limited by nothing else but a budget. Your ideas have no limitations, but too small project budget might stall them. Discounts matter a lot in science, as they allow doing more than your budget can provide.

Free samples are not less important as they are the fast and free of charge tool to choose the best fitting reagent, an enzyme or a kit for your experiments.

flash4science is an excellent way to broaden your opportunities within the same budget: high discounts from various global life science suppliers and a big choice of free samples to perform evaluation of best fitting laboratory reagents, molecular biology enzymes and kits.

It is not just the money that you save with us. It is much more time that is left for science when you order via flash4science. Being valuable members of our exclusive marketplace, scientists have more time to focus on research rather than on searching for suppliers, products and for budget saving opportunities.

Less time, effort and money for purchasing, more opportunities, success, focus for life science!

With flash4science you can optimize your laboratory purchasing process to a faster and easier one:

  • One web shop with multiple vendors; both new and well-known life science brands
  • Order from many suppliers, but it’s just one order to process and a single invoice to pay
  • The best laboratory saving offers all year long

Discover this week:

Something missing for your workflow? Invite your supplier to join us and we will organize the best deals for your lab.

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Image  by Horia Varlan  / CC BY 2.0

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