Science is actually endless. Every new discovery opens opportunities for new projects. But it does not mean that your life science research project shall be endless. You’d better finish one fast and successfully to be able to go on with a new challenges.

The time given for your research project is limited. Same is your laboratory budget. Shorter turnaround times, higher productivity as well as reduced spending are frequently painful topics in research organizations. Scientists are like artists, limitations block their ideas and creativity. flash4science became a useful tool for scientists in Germany, UK and the US helping to reduce budget spending and to gain more time for research.

Consolidated fast ordering at flash4science allows you to order multiple up to 50% discounted products and free samples from various life science suppliers in one order, and you have just a single invoice to pay.

Weekly saving offers by leading and rising life science brands presented at flash4science enable you to perform more research experiments within the same budget. For example, you can reduce your protein expression and fermentation costs significantly, save on such daily consumables like Protein Ladders, or run 100 PCR reactions for the price of 50.

Keep an eye on flash4science saving offers in flash sales, flash coupons, flash samples, long-term deals and accelerate your research projects.

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To be fast, keep learning new techniques and be on the edge of new developments in qPCR, dPCR and NGS:



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