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bts Biotech Trade and Service is a German supplier of excellent tools & services for DNA, RNA, protein or cell research. bts is an assigned distributor of the well-known Korean company BIONEER, leading life science market in Asia for more than 20 years and a distributor of Gene Bio-Application Ltd Gene Bio-Application Ltd, Israeli company, especially famous due to convenient GeBa products for protein research, like gels for horizontal electrophoresis.

BIONEER was the first Korean biotechnology company when it was established in 1992, and now it is leading innovation, value and discovery in Korea and Asia. The company has developed state of art molecular biology products and technologies including oligonucleotides, thermostable polymerases, prealiquoted lyophilized PCR mastermixes and instruments of gene manipulation (automatic nucleic acid extractor, thermal cycler, real-time QPCR instruments and DNA sequencer). 

Gene Bio-Application Ltd (GeBa) develops unique tools for research applications in molecular biology and medicine. GeBa was founded in May 1999 and since then has established a range of products based on innovation, quality, and reliability, with worldwide sales. The product range continues to expand, targeting areas of molecular research requiring rapid, reliable, and cost effective solutions.

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