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flash4science is an exclusive life science marketplace providing best products and services from valued life science suppliers at unbeatable prices. It is the world’s first biotech web shop offering time-limited live deals from both well-established and new brands for the life science community. For global life science suppliers it is a novel sales and marketing channel. For scientists in UK, Germany and the United States it is a one-stop web shop to order free samples, discount coupons and products from various vendors in a single consolidated order.

In collaboration with a life science consulting company SEHLMEYER Consulting, flash4science presents a new project – unique life science market analyses made in a way of useful buying guides or research and development tools. 

SEHLMEYER Consulting is a life science consultancy company assisting life science organizations in optimizing sales, marketing communications and strategic planning. One of the core competences of SEHLMEYER Consulting is providing of valuable resources, right connections and tools to manage your sales and marketing projects more efficiently and on time.

Our market analyses differ from common market reports. They are made to serve you as practical decision making tools. They do not include any sponsored content or any preferences for one or another supplier or product. They do not provide theoretical assumptions about a particular life science market size or about the customer types. Instead of the 10,000 foot view of the market, they present a highest definition picture and provide original positioning, specifications and pricing of each product.

Profit from our free or editable versions of market analyses tailored to your specific needs:

  • Use them as buying guides – compare reagent features and prices, use hyperlinks to product ordering pages
  • Use them for marketing - monitor market trends, competitors, analyze their product positioning 
  • Use them for sales – compare and annually update prices to define your own pricing strategy 
  • Use them for research and development – as they provide a real live screenshot of the specific market segment 


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